Tünde: Hi guys, welcome to angolrahangolva! I’m here in England and I have a very good friend here, Claire Claire: Hi! Tünde: So, Claire, how are you today?. Tünde: Hi guys, welcome to Angolra Hangolva again! I’m here with a very good friend of mine, Ivan, he’s from Bulgaria. So how are you tonight? Ivan: Ahh, I’m. Check out Angolra Hangolva by Kolibri Színház on Amazon Music. Stream ad- free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on

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Hi guys, angklra to Angolra Hangolva again! So how are you tonight? For us too, thank you so much for the invitation! What do you think? The significance and importance of doing sports…. I think the most important thing of this is learning on discipline…. And, eh, together with this, instead of watching TV and to… sitting in pubs or in restaurants, which is not all that bad, you can develop your muscles, amgolra is much healthier.

Yeah, I guess, you are very muscular, so what do you do daily? Oh, not hango,va much, not that much as I used to be, but …. What do you do?

Yeah… try to enjoy every day, yeah. So do you do it daily?


Yeah, daily, I mean, like the last few years. But I try at least one time per weekend to go to… for swimming and… yeah, that kind of stuff, to try to keep in good condition. And I know that you live in England, so now, right now we are in London. So what do you reckon about British football and the English players, the football players?

Do you support someone? Ahh, yes, yes, I do. First of all, most of the players in our days are overpaid. My favourite team in England is Agolra United…. But my… my heart is for Barcelona for the last 20 years. I just have just a very last question. You can anggolra as much as you want… J.

Pleasure for me to answer. So, eh… my question would be: Why is it important to speak English fluently, anywhere in the world? Right, I came in this country seven years ago.

Angolra Hangolva by Kolibri Színház on Amazon Music –

I knew some few words, but when I was back at home, I am from Bulgaria by the way… Ah, when I was back at home at school, the most hated subject was English. So then I got here and I said anvolra myself: And I can do anything you imagine.

So I came here, so yes, I went to school, to… a college, from which I got a certificate for a kind of level in English — I still improve by the way. If antolra know this language you can go at any point in the anggolra and you can do whatever you want, your favourite; if you want to work or some kind aangolra sport or just to explore the world.


But, I wish good luck to all of you, but I think the language is very important, the English. You can learn French, you can learn Spain Spanishbut I think the English language… you can go in most spots and everyone knows some bit words and you can always get the direction where you want to go. Ivan was really, really right, so I hope you will take his advice.

Interjúk hallott szövegértés fejlesztésére

Thank you so much again for your attention and take care guys. Instead of — valami helyett. To develop your muscles — fejleszteni az izmaidat.

That kind of stuff — ilyen dolgok. Favourite team — kedvenc csapat. The significance and importance of doing sports… Ivan: