option 1. am to pm, Monday to Friday. ATO online services for registered agents. 13 72 86 FKC 3 3. am to pm, Monday to Friday. Forms for registered agents to lodge an application for a deferral. To update GST reporting methods call 13 72 86 (FKC 1 1 3). If your client has a turnover of under $10 million, labels G1 and 1A must be.

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Therefore, all labels including those with revised values should be transmitted. The ATO has advised that the work continues and it is progressively reviewing all information on the website.

Error message when lodging or saving the Early stage innovation companies report in Tax Agent or Business Portals. This is a known issue and we are working on a solution. Client details must be transcribed from the return file if applicable. Compliance history We encourage taxpayers with a good compliance history to remain compliant by treating them more leniently than taxpayers who aren’t compliant.

Use the PAYG payment summary — employment termination payment to complete the worksheet. Check software product help files or contact your software provider for assistance. If you are aot to access the link ensure that: If you find the lodgment status has not updated within our service standardscontact us.

Then view the client’s communication using the CCL. EFT direct refund A direct refund must be requested for: The revision indicator must be completed with a number between one, being the first revision, and nine being the last revision — if this indicator fkkc not completed, the activity statement will be treated as an original activity statement and may cause processing delays if omitted.

If a head company completes a Consolidated groups losses schedule BX for any aspect of its losses, all relevant parts must be completed. Problem occurs when the client’s email address is missing from the client contact screen.

Lodgment deferrals – for registered agents

Session Timeout error A If these reports were publically available, tax practitioners and the ATO would have a shared understanding of the challenges and could work collaboratively to resolve significant issues. Disputing a penalty through the objection process An objection must be lodged when disputing a penalty relating to: You can check your list of expected lodgments using the ELS Due lodgment report which provides a list of all clients with an expected lodgment.


Then, attempt to lodge the return again. This will not make the computer unsafe as the setting only controls access to the government website click Trust on the message that pops up click Done and go back to the portal welcome page and attempt to log in again. Preventing delays in processing returns. Use an alternative browser such as Chrome.

A Superannuation lump sum worksheet schedule PL is used with individual tax returns if more than one super lump sum has been received during the year. Whether a call is transferred or escalated is influenced by a number of factors, including the complexity and type of issue, the experience of the officer, the quality of officer training and the tools that are available to the officer.

All accounts impacted by this issue will be automatically corrected and the incorrectly imposed general interest charge GIC will be remitted accordingly. The data is used to crosscheck the accuracy of information from those recipients on their return forms.

Individual — and prior years. Assistance with the Tax Agent Portal, including access, technical difficulties, functions and navigation. Where this happens the penalty may be remitted so that it equals the penalty that would be applied to the net overall shortfall.

ELS returns and related schedules | Australian Taxation Office

Links relevant to each topic are available in Table 8 below. The IGT believes that the ATO could provide educational materials such as online tutorials delivering practical guidance that would assist tax practitioners with the transition to SBR.

To resist that is to resist microeconomic reform and economic efficiency and productivity growth. Account balance — Client accounts and tax types. The feedback about the changes has been very positive. Interest and dividend paid schedule BT The interest and dividends paid to numerous recipients are recorded on this schedule, attached to the main form of the company involved.

A list of known system issues affecting access to or use of our online services for business or tax practitioners, including the portals, electronic lodgment service ELSAUSkey and electronic commerce interface ECI. To speed up your access to the portal and other web browser applications, browsers store cache recent history in their software. You will not be able to lodge the return by the ELS if the following tags are not included in the return file:. We recommend you bookmark this page as we regularly update the information it contains.


Where transactions and information are available online, you need to use those channels first before you phone us. Only one CP transaction can be lodged in a transmission and no other transactions can be sent with a CP transaction; however, multiple CP transactions can be lodged each day for each client if transmitted separately — they will be processed in the order of receipt.

Remission of penalties | Australian Taxation Office

Further investigation is underway and the year of commencement of the FRNN will be corrected accordingly. Appendix 2 sets out a detailed list of the various ATO services that are provided. Superannuation lump sum worksheet PL Individuals A Superannuation lump sum worksheet schedule Atl is used with individual tax returns if more than one super lump sum has been received during the year.

You can make multiple lodgments of schedule BJ. When processing commences, the report will update with all lodgments received. In particular, the website was difficult to:.

Remission of penalties

Some AVG anti-virus users are getting a system error message during the authentication process while logging into the portals. Atl want the correspondence to be sent to you. We also have a range of phone numbers for other topics.

However, revisions can be lodged using the Xto of the original activity statement that is to be revised. This will allow us to identify and process the application on your behalf, or contact you if further information is required.

Floorwalkers are also expected to record the details of each request for assistance in a database and provide feedback to team leaders and senior advisers on a regular basis. Capital gains tax — business.