The Meaning of Sarkozy has ratings and 11 reviews. Mat said: The French have an international reputation as revolutionaries, rebels and rioters. But. Nicolas Sarkozy emerges in Badiou’s book as a figure who wants to close down once for all any alternatives to this divided world. The book treats Sarkozy as an. Alain Badiou Verso, London, , pp., £/$, ISBN Written before and after Sarkozy’s election to the.

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So jus My only complaint about this book is against its title. The perspective of the state that we face is one of virtual terror, its key mechanism being surveillance, and increasingly also informing Badiou offers no argument that Marx’s account of capitalism is right.

Where once the walls divided east from west, they now divide the global north and south. Adity rated it really liked it Apr 11, He argues that the election of Nicolas Sarkozy as President does not necessarily signal a crucial turning point in French politics, nor require a further rightward move from competing electoral forces.

What, for that matter, does Gordon Brown stand for?

At others they are dizzyingly abstract: Don’t let the title fool you. For an egalitarian, Badiou is an unabashed elitist – as long as it is his elite. So what does Sarkozy stand for now? If competition, the “free market,” the sum of little pleasures, and the walls that protect you from the desires of the weak, are the alpha and omega of all collective and private existence, then the human animal is not worth a cent.


The Meaning of Sarkozy by Alain Badiou | : Books

For him, arguments do not count. Craig rated it really liked it Dec 19, meanint He has played upon such concerns by stoking fears “of foreigners, of workers, of the people, of youngsters from the banlieues [slums], Muslims, black Africans Philosophers, it is well known, only interpret the world, when the point is to change it.

To do this expresses courage:. Jul 22, Mat rated it it was amazing.

The Meaning of Sarkozy by Alain Badiou

Of what political thread might Cameron be the sublime manifestation? To understand the significance of Sarkozy, we have to look beyond the right-wing populism and vulgarity of the man himself, and ask what he represents: So what, for the sake of argument, would our national equivalent be? On those terms, it isn’t surprising that he finds the current French president deficient. Dan rated it it was amazing Oct 26, In this incisive, acerbic work, Alain Badiou looks beyond the petty vulgarity of the French president to decipher meaming true significance of what he represents—a reactionary tradition that goes back more than a hundred years.

Stathis Kouvelakis on the French Presidential Election.

A denunciation of the ‘Rat Man’

Sheridan rated it did not like it. Most of all, the absurdity of a focus on elections that we all feel have nothing to do with our lives, and which we all feel are playing out on a sort of flying carpet, above our heads.

Marx’s “spectre that is haunting Europe” is the inevitable overthrow of the bourgouisie. Why should the broad mass of people be at the mercy of the price of concrete mixers or the world market for ostrich skin, when it comes to getting information? The Meaning of Sarkozy.


Look at sources that originate elsewhere than in the basiou commercial circuits. I confess I don’t think much of Badiou’s “only one world”, because it or any one idea is going to be bad for me or thee if carried to excess.

Yet the author is no hack. But it is hard to escape the impression of an ageing class warrior – Badiou is 72 – railing against the waning of his own strength. If globalization makes all markets accessible, then surely it works the other way, sovereignty is meaningless and communities must accept all comers.

A brief preview of his communist hypothesis is also rewarding. Trained as a mathematician, Alain Badiou is one of the most original French philosophers today. These are the qualities that made his book a bestseller in France, and they shine forth for British readers too. But of course our great philosopher sarkoyz be bothered to read Mises. Long-discredited dogmas of Marxism, accompanied by frequent references to Lenin and Mao as purveyors of wisdom, form the backbone of this deplorable book.

View the discussion thread. In fact, they can bask in the righteous glow of victimhood, believing themselves besieged by a degenerate, aggressive lower class.

And how did the left respond?