Dark rituals drag London mage Alex Verus into the center of a conspiracy in this thrilling novel from the national bestselling author of Marked. Since. Cursed. Things are going well for Alex Verus. He’s on moderately good terms with the Council, Luna’s settling in as his apprentice, and nobody has tried to kill . For those of you who don’t have it yet, or who have a friend who might be interested, Cursed is currently on sale! It’s being promoted by.

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Cursed | Benedict Jacka

There are good plot reasons for this and, as previously mentioned, Cursed as a whole is superior so this should be treated as a minor whimper rather than any form of rant. Now that Jacka has book one under his belt he is starting to establish the complexity and variety Magic in this world.

Pour sauver ses amis, il devra mettre sa vie plusieurs fois en danger. From the well crafted characters to the rock solid plot line, this book is engrossing and entertaining from beginning to end. Second book in a compelling new urban fantasy series set in Camden, featuring Alex Verus.

Cursed (Alex Verus, book 2) by Benedict Jacka

Add into that a heady mix of narrative genius that actually gives Alex a real voice in your head, and the first 50 or so pages are exhilarating. When a dead body is found in the Thames, caught in the chains of HMS Belfast, it begins a search for a missing woman and confirms a sense that in London a person can become invisible once outside their community – and that assumes they even have a community.


Once again, the first-person narrative style was very congenial, drawing me into each scene; and whenever it’s important to set up a s Five enthusiastic stars. I like Arachne so I’m willing to go with it. Alex is stronger and better than before. And even sympathisers risk their wrath. I think he and Luna have learned their lessons, though.

Cursed by Benedict Jacka

Generally speaking, urban fantasy works best when it provokes the imagination to see more in familiar ‘real world’ locations London in Alex’s case. Hmm, Cinder ajcka brighter than I thought.

They find it dead. Why is he helping Alex? May 23, Felicia rated it really liked it Shelves: The Council is the ruling body of Light Mages. Aventure, action, magie, univers incroyable et personnages attachants au possible And, naturally, all hell is breaking loose yet again.

May 24, carol. A piece of bad luck that might happen one time in a thousand, or a million, not only happens but happens at exactly the worst possible jackx. Spare yourself; there’s much better out there.

Possessing immense strength, powerful sorcery and an insatiable hunger, But when used in a curse, a chance mage takes those same factors and twists them so that they always come up with the most harmful result possible.

Items which can be sold include artifacts and components. As I said in another review today The days are gone of besieging the castle with spells and big rocks. Cursed takes everything that was great about Fated and then puts it on a diet of steroids. It has a fast-paced story which captivated me from start till finish and had a complex mystery that you could really get into. Paris in the aftermath of the Great Magicians War. Verus spends his life treading a fine line between receiving the ruling council’s tolerance and their distaste whilst preferring to live apart from mage politics, all very Dresden.


Don’t mean a skirmish.

Cursed On Sale

We are starting to see well-cultivated elements of individuality and narrative that we had glimpsed of in ‘Fated’. The reality is that nothing and no one is safe. I think in my review of his last book, Benecict was little overzealous in my adoration and comparison of Jacka and Butcher.

Here, he has improved leaps and bounds. There’s a certain deus ex machina involvement in the climax but not to the extent that it annoys; it’s more that this book continues to introduce new magical faculties at just the time when they’re most useful Alex’s narrative is full of character and adds so much to the story itself.

We start off with the hunt for a Barghest, a woman in mist of being assassinated bursting in Alex’s shop and the curse of a ‘monkey’s paw’ taking effect.