This page explains how to deploy the BIRT viewer to a Java EE container. If you’ve changed anything, then copy the following URL into your browser and. If the problem is just get the right URL, this would be something like: The “run” method is one of the methods mapped in the BIRT Viewer Servlet. There are two . Also, use the features of the BIRT report viewer application in custom web applications. Settings for how to deal with the url report path.

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This attribute must be unique. Specifies the resource folder, which contains libraries and images. Order of precedence is as follows:.

Pass Parameters Securely to Viewer Servlet

The Web Viewer can be used to generate and render reports, and also supports more interactive features such as table of contents, exporting report content to several formats, client and server side printing, as well as report pagination. Specifies whether to overwrite the report document every time a report is executed. A famous thermoelectric power company in Italy required a custom web application to automate the collection and archiving of the production data and budget of its plants across various locations.

View image at full size. When using the report tag, this setting determines if the parameter page is displayed. You might use it with the custom web application in the following ways:. Specifies the report parameter page name. The resource path is used to search for libraries, images, and properties files used by a report. In addition, if you desire to have BIRT deployed in one context and include the tag library in a separate context this can be done by copying the birt.


The features available will depend on what servlet mapping is used, the settings available in the web. Indicates that the report master page should be used or not. When using the Viewer tag with the frameset pattern, this setting determines if the report title is displayed. A page confirming that the BIRT viewer has been installed should be displayed. You can check these informations in: Stop, then restart Tomcat.

Valid values are auto, yes, and no. Valid values are yes or no.

If the tags are used in the same context as the BIRT viewer this attribute is not required. Copy the Web Viewer Example directory to the webapps directory of your Tomcat installation. Specifies the default location to place Jar files used by the script engine. Locale for the application server. The Viewer tag supports either run or frameset, which matches the standard viewer servlet mappings.

Viewerr like a regular html parameter, so you dont ufl to worry about the place to put it. Specifies the locale for the specific operation.

In addition to rendering the reports in various formats, this sample viewer also provides other useful features:. This attribute affects other attributes. By default the frameset, run and preview mappings will automatically determine if the parameter page is required. The webcontent directory contains the JavaScript files used for AJAX communications, the JSP fragments used to construct the Viewer instance, image files used by the Viewer, and the cascading style sheets used within the Viewer.


Report parameters are used by the report designs and configuration parameters affect the appearance and features available to the example Viewer application. The parameterPage tag supports run, frameset, and preview mappings. These settings are illustrated below. You can add this parameter to your URL: The first solution in Considering possible solutions required the creation and maintenance of multiple applications:.

Displays a specific page range within the report. Starting with the release of BIRT 3. Viewer Usage Section Contents.

EclipseZone – Pass Parameters Securely to Viewer

This file contains various settings used by the viewer. If the report design specified in a URL parameter is relative, this path is pre-pended to the report name.

You can set format in anywhere of your URL See Tomcat documentation for details. Note that Classic Models database is included in the birt runtime distribution so no further set-up is required.

Determines if the report toolbar is shown in the frameset viewer. Relative paths below the working folder are accessible.

This reuse saved time and effort for generating a custom Urp report viewer. Once the platform directory is created the BIRT plugins will be copied to the tempdir and the Platform is then started. This directory is hard coded in the Viewer, but allows the application to be deployed in WAR format.