Préampli-Processeur CHORD DSP R VENDU TRÈS RARE! Préampli processeur exceptionnel en HC et, fait beaucoup plus rare. Chord dsp r preamp / surround controller, boxed. CHORD DSP R preamp/ surround controller. with dts and dolby 2 surround. Introduction The Chord DSP forms the centre of a High -End cinema and audio system. The DSP decodes Dolby Digital, DTS and DTS-ES and has the.

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Whilst the DSP is in zone status mode, this LCD touch pad is used to change the input source that is assigned to the zone outputs. A BNC converter module is available on request. This is so that you hear the full surround image as intended regardless of your speaker configuration. REC Use this dsp8000e output to connect any video recording equipment that has a composite video input. Place the microphone on the listening position pointing towards the roof. Trigger 2 duration See Trigger 1 duration.

This means choed the DSP will automatically check for incoming digital audio signals, composite video signals and S- Video signals. If the knob is pressed whilst in the user interface menus then you will enter the selected sub menu. Press this button to move upwards through the sub menus within the set up menus. However the maximum difference between the nearest and the most distant speaker is 17 feet 5.

Press this button to increase the value of a selected parameter within the set up menus. Treble This setting allows you to control the level of the treble for the selected preset.

Turning the tape monitor off allows you to listen to the selected input source again. The information that is shown is the current selected input source that is assigned to the zone output, the currently selected mode and the zone volume. Otherwise these trigger outputs may be dsp800r0.


You dsl8000r the presets to your audio sources in the source set -up menu. This page features controls to configure the zone outputs of the DSP The Autocalibration facility makes things even easier as it automatically calculates the correct speaker distances and level settings. The cursor keys, up? This is useful if you make a mistake when making changes.

The DSP is not designed ds8000r switch between video domains. Movie soundtracks can sometimes sound quite bright because they have been mixed to suit the acoustics of cinemas. The touch pads that allow fhord to cuord to the other pages are also highlighted. There are 11 source devices to select in total.

Used chord dsp for Sale |

If set to bypass then the signal will not be converted to digital within the processor and will stay analogue, pass through the pre amplification section and be presented at the outputs. It can be used to provide a video signal to an additional display device. Chord guarantee registration card 5 when setting up To ensure that your Chord processor works efficiently and safely, please pay particular attention to the following issues.

It is recommended that where possible, chod connections with XLR connectors should be used instead of unbalanced RCA connections. You can use this function to avoid sudden peaks in the sound volume without losing any of the detail.

You can choose feet or meters. Cyord signals are not sent to any speakers that are defined as small. The diagram below shows the program format 7 -LED matrix.

This is located in the bottom right corner of the display area. The power supply components within the processor are designed to operate at lethal voltages and energy levels. Make sure that you connect the correct colour connectors to each other. PL II Width This control allows centre-channel sounds to be positioned between the centre speaker and the left -right speakers over a range of eight steps.


They are also less prone to interference than unbalanced inputs. The setting will be overridden if you use a Preset setting for an input.

Plug the female end socket of the mains cable into the power connector of the DSPand the male end plug of the mains cable into mains wall socket or mains extension socket.

DSP 8000 AV Processor

cuord Video format This setting determines which type of video input you are using. The available modes will depend on the type of audio signal chodr is currently selected. You may notice that the subwoofer distance values are different than the exact physical distance.

Instead, they are redirected to the front large speakers or the subwoofer if present. Pressing this button will also un -mute the outputs if they are muted to prevent a sudden increase in volume from causing any damage to you loudspeakers or your ears. Bass Filter This allows you to chose the frequency point that the bass settings work from. We do not recommend that you place your processor directly on a carpet. Chord learning remote cont rol 2.

After pressing ENTER then you can change cycle through the available letters, symbols and numbers with the front panel cursor up? Press this LCD touch pad to decrease the value of a selected parameter within the set up menu. Use the cursor up?

This digital processing mode can be used to improve the quality of the selected audio input signal. Each time the button is pressed the selected input source will be incremented by one.

For each of your source devices you can: