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She taught salvation through suffering and as a rule denied medical care to those whom she cared for–not even follow the accepted rules of hospice care for the dying–while playing it up to rich people in the West that she was relieving the sorrow and poverty of the world’s most miserable people. She urged world leaders and national assemblies to outlaw birth control.

Mother Teresa had at her disposal “immense quantities of money and material. This includes an astoundingly ignorant review by William Donohue of the Catholic League, who spends so much of it attacking Hitchens’ character that one wonders whether he paid any attention to what Hitchens actually wrote.

We are going round in circles. In doing so, he assumes that the reader knows quite a bit about Mother Theresa and the Catholic Church already, and disdains them both.

Most of them meant well. Since I happened across this article from Hitchens, which is essentially a good overview of his book and certainly much, much better than anything I could ever write about it, I’ll leave it at that.

Hitchens also raises the question of what Teresa did with the millions she received in donations. What dangerous, ignorant superstition!!! Hitchens and others provide evidence that the medical care offered to those who sought her help was largely ineffective if not outdated. I wasn’t able to understand. Hitchens was a polemicist and intellectual.

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While hard work for all is encouraged, it is not enforced, and ‘suffering’ to be closer missionarix God is most definitely not insisted upon for the inmates. That’s just my opinion. The charges grouped in the first category are of varying degrees of severity misxionaria relevance, and one gets the sense that Hitchens’s personal political views have colored the analysis significantly. Dec 28, Apparently it is virtuous to give, as long as the giving is to the Catholic Church and never even reaches the poor and regardless of how the funds given were obtained.


He used the show-don’t-tell principle to illustrate his point. B the BookAddict wrote: Dec 10, Ana rated it really liked it Shelves: And I asked one of them why she was doing it and she said “Well to clean it. I’ve been wanting to write that sentence for a long time, but never had an excuse. Discover new books on Goodreads.

All you have to do is get a cab.

The pope has abolished this office and has created more instant saints than all his predecessors combined as far back as poszione 16th century. Let us rather be motivated by what Mother Teresa herself claimed was her dearest concern, the compassionate care of those who are poor, those who are disabled, those who are sick or dying or in great christopner.

Some of the children retched and coughed as rushed staff crammed food into their mouths. George Orwell’s admonition in his essay on Gandhi—that saints should always be presumed guilty until proved innocent—was drowned in a Niagara of soft-hearted, soft-headed, and uninquiring propaganda. People from all over the world have donated to the Missionaries of Charity because they think they’re helping the poor, sick people from India, when in reality they’re funding Theresa’s world wide network of convents and death houses whose sole purpose is proselytizing.

But given how much this Church allows the fanatical Mother Teresa to preach, it might be added that the call to go forth and multiply, and to take no thought for the morrow, sounds grotesque when uttered by an elderly virgin whose chief claim to reverence is that she ministers to the inevitable losers in this very lottery.

This makes true compassion difficult if not impossible. As much as I’d like to just keep the review at that, I feel compelled to continue with an actual review. Jan 23, Marissa Morrison rated it it was amazing Shelves: His book God Is Not Great – how religion poisons everything became an international bestseller.

Finally in my opinion, this frustrating stifling of free speech in the name of political-correctness got the world Brexit and it will get many more ‘Exits’ and ‘Trumps’. Interesting opinions might come up.


Hitchens demonstrates missiionaria adequately that this woman who claimed to be apolitical repeatedly played the game of politics in the worst way in support of the worst leaders and regimes, from Hoxha to Duvalier.

The fact is, though, that those who need to read the book are probably the least likely to read it simply because of the fact that it was written by Hitchens and is immediately suspect. The West feels a need to believe they are helping the poor savages of the East; Mother Teresa publicly fills that need for them independent of the degree of help she is actually contributing. All facts are righ there.

La posizione della missionaria

As for the “miracle” that had to be attested, what can one say? When Keating was tried in Mother Teresa wrote to the court asking clemency for him.

A woman who believes ,a people must suffer, refusing to chfistopher Teresa in poizione and practice. How can one possibly excuse the willful denial of pain medication to people who are terminally ill, regardless of the theology behind it? Hitchens also ridicules Mother Theresa’s supposed refusal to engage in politics. This caused her to turn away medical professionals and expertise in the interest of volunteers who often knew nothing of medicine. There is no record of her having said a word against this man who tyrannised and killed many of his subjects for over 40 years.

And this, from a figure who expressly declared her aversion to transactions with the rich; who rejected materialism explicitly, even to a fault. Hitchens makes a compelling case against her enterprise. But he works them towards a flimsy thesis that Mother Theresa was missionzria kind of diabolical genius. Mother Teresa is about saving souls, not bodies. This suggests they either have not read that material or do not care about it.