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Speaking Canadian English L. These lists of texts include titles that may not provide mate- rial for an entire course.

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A Comparative Introduction, 2nd ed. Recommended for general level courses. Victor Last et al. A Study of Its Physical Elements, new ed. An Integrated System P. Kids Can Press, Century of Canada Series G rol ier. Qu’est-ce que la Circulaire 14? Individual titles can be located through the title index if the series title is not known. Women in Non-traditional Jobs S. James Lorimer, 1 This document supersedes all former Junior Division curric- ulum guidelines. Criminal Justice is an additional book in this set.


Manufacturing Grouping 9. A First Thesaurus, rev. Germaine Pouliot et al. Technology and Processes, 3rd ed.

A Canadian Profile, 2nd ed Terry G. The Study of Matter, 2nd ed.

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Horn in F Circuliare H. Such materials may in- clude copies of titles from Circular 14 ciirculaire selected for use as texts, books and audio-visual materials listed in ministry curriculum guidelines, and other materials chosen from publications such as Canadian Materials for Schools and Libraries, available from: The Measureof Things, rev. Principles and Process Grade 12 F. Issues in Sexuality, Book 2 Dianne K.

Box Don Mills, Ont. An I ntroduction to the Visual Arts, 4th ed.

House of Grant, Secteur textiles 91 Industrial Arts, 1. Cette mention se rapporte aux manuels scolaires non canadiens.

The Land and Its People, rev.

Monsters Doug Dolan, ed. A First Course James Stewart et al. A Canadian Framework, 2nded.

Builders of the Nation, 2nd ed. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Graphics Grouping 6.


european air law association by european air law association conference

Personal Services Grouping 9. Although certain superseded guidelines are not listed in this edition of Circular 14, schools may continue to offer courses developed from these guidelines for a limited time.

Canadian Essays for Composition, 3rd ed. Creating a Venture M. Inventions, Level 5 Jaap Tuinman et al. A Systems Approach, 3rd ed.