CLAAS, CLAAS DOMINATOR 80/85, , 20, , Lw. CLAAS CLAAS, DOMINATOR 86, , 20, , Lw. CLAAS title. Zobrazit katalog. The official website of the CLAAS Group. Company information, job offers, press information and much more. Universal concave for the appropriate use in the above named combine type, replaces OEM High quality, exactly fitting spare part – not an original .

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But what exactly is a knotter? Join us on an exciting journey through the history of agricultural technology in the CLAAS company museum. The main function of the asset-backed securities program is to reduce external liquidity requirements. One of the first instruments with which CLAAS became active on international capital markets was a syndicated credit facility syndicated loan in Our information platform for current and potential suppliers.

CLAAS, katalogg of the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery worldwide, was able to increase dominatof sales to a new record of 3. Profit before taxes clearly increased to million euros previous year: The global market for professional agricultural technology developed stably this year, in line with association expectations.

In Eastern Europe, a slight project-related decline in sales could be dominatlr.

used Claas combines Austria –

A mixed picture emerged in the countries outside of Europe: Spending on research and development at a record level The investments made in research and development reached a new record with million euros previous year: The new, award-winning concept offers the best soil protection in all conditions. Hillside versions suitable for use on slopes of up to 18 percent have now become available in this series for the claax first time.

Major innovations also occurred in forage harvesting: Investments in fixed assets are increasing significantly CLAAS not only invested in new products but also in an innovative working environment. Investments in fixed assets are rising noticeably.

The course remains set for growth in the tractor business with the modernisation of the main assembly line started in Le Mans. The customer oriented service and replacement parts business is also being expanded. Moreover, a new high-bay warehouse is being built in Hamm, which will double capacity to 58, pallet bays. The new test centre for machine components was completed at the main site in Harsewinkel.

In addition, larger investments were made for new distribution centres in the United Kingdom and France. Number of employees worldwide grows slightly The number of employees around the world grew slightly to 11, on 30 September previous year: A similar trend can also be seen in Germany.

Here, 5, employees were employed by the end of the business year previous year: The number of trainee positions increased in to previous year: Outlook CLAAS expects stable development in the global agricultural engineering markets for the current fiscal year, despite regional uncertainties. The increasing demand for professional agricultural technology continues to be a driving force. General risks lie particularly in global trade disputes that also affect agricultural goods.

Concave universal for CLAAS Dominator 106 / Dominator 108 / Dominator 118

In view of this market assessment, CLAAS expects sales revenue slightly above the level of the previous year for the current business year and a stable result before taxes. You can download texts here. You can download photos here. Please adress further enquiries to pr claas. At that time, the final volume was almost 1, t.

Increased power output, a larger grain tank and a more efficient cooling system made the new record attempt easier than that of The requirements have also changed. The current Guinness World Record rules stipulate eight and twelve hours for harvesting records. The team decided to target both these records and also therefore broke the existing ten-hour record, almost in passing.


This meant that a comparison could be made between and The conditions were not exactly ideal. It was a major challenge to provide enough trucks to ensure continuous removal. After eight, ten and twelve hours, the load was removed and taken to the edge of the field until the machine was completely empty, thereby allowing the exact interim results to be determined.

After eight hours, there were 43, Two hours later, the figure was 54, After another two hours, the final result was confirmed: Thanks to the two slanted, outwards-facing suspension cylinders, the tractor’s weight is optimally supported by the front axle.

This ensures passive roll stabilisation when turning around curves. It also guarantees optimal driving comfort when travelling along roads or rural tracks and when working in the fields.

Journeys with heavy equipment in tow are also made safer, as the tractor and its attachment are less likely to rock. The cylinders are installed coaas the axle, thereby protecting them from damage. The double-action suspension offers 80 mm of spring travel, thus absorbing most of the shocks to which the tractor is subjected when in use.

The turning circle remains the same as that of the standard front axle.

dominato The suspended front axle can be driven in three different modes from the cab: In manual mode, the height can be adjusted with the help of a potentiometer. This helps make it easier, for example, when attaching equipment. Automatic mode counterbalances vlaas changes and keeps the suspension in a central position for optimal claaas travel. All models have a smooth-running FPT 4-cylinder engine which features a high torque and extremely low vibration.

With electronic common rail injection, the NEXOS has an engine speed memory as standard and a second engine speed memory is available as an option. The engine speed can be adjusted accurately at the touch of a button. For work with Katslog implements, this guarantees the right speed and high efficiency at any time. Despite their compact dimensions, the different models all have engines which are equipped do,inator the latest emission control technology such as a diesel particulate filter, diesel oxidation catalytic converter and external, cooled exhaust gas recirculation and satisfy the requirements of EU exhaust emissions level IIIB comparable to Tier 4i.

All the models have a characteristic indentation in front of and behind the front axle — the narrow waist that has already become an dminator feature of CLAAS large tractors. It allows a higher steering lock angle, resulting in a much smaller turning radius. The front overhang has been reduced by 88 mm and the wheelbase extended by 50 mm to make the tractors even more manoeuvrable and give maximum directional stability.

An optionally available automatic four-wheel drive system with steering angle sensor, which automatically switches off the four-wheel drive function from a certain steering lock angle, for example at the headland, contributes to the outstanding manoeuvrability of the NEXOS tractors.

The low transmission tunnel, optimised layout of the controls claa digital colour display in the instrument panel afford more space and greater comfort for the driver. In addition to the cable feedthrough at the rear, the NEXOS has a cable feedthrough to the front as standard so that front-mounted implements with their own control systems can be operated without opening the cab window.

It is operated by an electronically controlled, extremely low-wear multi-disc clutch.

  AS2020 53E PDF

The front-mounting option offers many detailed solutions for greater flexibility. Additional hydraulic connections for a spool valve and a free-flow return line directly on the front linkage are optionally available in all models. Up to four mechanical spool valves are possible. Four electronic spool valves can also be installed to extend the range of spool valve capabilities.

All the electronic valves flaas with flow control, and the domiinator switches also have time control.

This is particularly important in municipal work. The dual-purpose wagon can hold a volume of In combination with the electrohydraulic positive steering, the loader wagon can also be operated in crab-steering mode. In this way, the area driven over is increased still further, and the weight is ideally distributed over a wider area. Claaa controlled pick-up has a working width of 2. Domibator large rotor with mm-wide conveying fins ensures efficient, careful handling of the material, and the highest cutting quality.

Thanks to the steep piling up of the crop during loading, enabled by the lowered scraper floor, the loading volume is utilised completely. The optionally available metering rollers can be removed in no time at all kataloy additional loading volume and rapid unloading in forage transport.

Claas Dominator – Wikipedia

For easy accessibility when changing the knives, the knife carrier swings out hydraulically and the scraper floor swings upwards. Their durability guarantees domijator the 40 knives provide top-quality cutting. On long working days, they can be simply rotated.

All knives are individually protected against foreign objects, and are fitted with an automatic blade return. The pre-tensioning of the knives can also be adjusted to different operating conditions, which protects them and helps extend their sominator. Along with the standard option of adjusting the position of the articulating drawbar from the operating terminal, an automatic articulating drawbar is also optionally available for automatic control in loading, transport and headland modes.

Thanks to the active kataog of the drawbar in loading mode, sufficient free space is maintained between the drawbar, rotor and pick-up to ensure optimal crop flow. It controls the regulation of the forward speed according to the capacity utilisation of the pick-up. This ensures an exact cut and top forage quality.

An optional external display dominatod the current net payload on the outside of the wagon. This function can be enabled and disabled from dominatlr terminal, and provides a simple and convenient way to read just the yield measurement for the dominaotr harvester, directly in the field. The tilting frame concept with newly designed T-panels reduces the weight and increases the wear-resistance.

And with the new folding system, the front attachments are ready for use in a matter of seconds. Large discs are 8 in the central area of the front attachment. These ensure a smooth crop flow and have significant functional advantages during reversing. As a result, both models have the proven V-shaped crop flow with optimal functional reliability, even where the density of the maize stands varies. The newly designed fingers ahead of the knives ensure low-loss crop collection and feature points which can be removed for harvesting laid maize.

The knives with their new crescent-shaped blade deliver top cutting quality in all crops. This robust component has been optimised to handle the weight of the front attachment and the forces generated by it.