Copper Beach. Dark Legacy #1. Originally Published January 10, Recently published December 31, Hardcover, Paperback, Audio, e-Book. In this launch of Krentz’s Dark Legacy series, a psychic rare-book expert must wrest a valuable text from evildoers while resisting (or not) the. Title: Copper Beach (Thorndike Press Large Print Basic) Author(s): Jayne Ann Krentz ISBN: X / (USA edition) Publisher.

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Also, I wish the author would come up with some alternate phrases for one heightening one’s abilities.

Copper Beach is a shining example of a writer’s ability to mix mystery, romance, and the paranormal, without loosing sight of any one part of the equation. It was too “talk-y” with conversations explaining events instead of action. The heroine krenrz Abby Radwell. I knew I forgot something. View all 4 comments.

When they realized the crystals could be dangerous, they sealed the cave, but not before they were all exposed. While that is understandable, I wasn’t such a fan of that storyline, as I personally tend coppr not like huge amounts of time and attention being devoted to the hero’s former and relatively recent girlfriend s.

Copper Beach

This romance sped straight through the usual absurd pattern of lust masquerading as love. Offering up a rich variety of interesting characters and settings, primarily in the Seattle area and on one of the San Juan Islands, the author gives us the Coppersmiths, like Sam and his parents, along with Abby Radwell, who has been blackmailed into searching for a mysterious lab notebook. No trivia or quizzes yet. American author Jayne Ann Krentz is best known for her romance novels.


Nov 28, Kelly Knapp rated it it was amazing. Both of the main characters are loveable. View all 15 comments. Plus, the author lost points because of the lengthy info dumping scene, towards the end. Cooper Beach is a spin-off series that introduces a new family; the Coppersmiths. Surely these people would have some truck with them and the Arcane society.

And as with any situation that is even remotely possible, there are those who want to find and control it before others.

Convinced she needs an investigator who can also play bodyguard, she hires Sam Coppersmith, an expert in paranormal crystals and amber. This is a new twist on Krentz’s paranormal romances. The concept of paranormal books that are locked in order to protect their secrets is intriguing. City Life Featured Article.

Bit of romance, bit of a guilty pleasure which doesn’t require to much thinking about the story.

In seeking help, she ends up hiring Coppdr Coppersmith. This book felt very similar to most of her stuff lately. Copper Beach Book 1 1 12 Sep 23, Collectors of such codices are not your typical bookish antiquarians—since these tomes can wield dark powers, their aficionados usually have mixed motives for acquiring them.

Dream Eyes Tanya Eby Sirois. Not to mention the redundancy of all the “para” talk.


Copper Beach – Jayne Ann Krentz

One more slightly significant spoiler alert. All three have a paranormal ability that is enhanced by certain crystals.

If you started out as a fan of hers, but have found your interest in her books dwindling lately due largely to that afo The crux of the matter is that, if you’re a fan of JAK’s, then you know exactly what you’ll be getting with this book, in terms of characterization, pacing, the amount and type romance, and yes, even predictability.

The dynamics between the two of them as they slowly find their way to veach was very engaging. Sam is a typical Krentz hero. Sam has a powerful ring made of a Phoenix stone that his dad Elias unearthed from a krenzt 40 years ago. The romance is nice – Sam and Abby are both quite likable, and their attraction and emotional connections develop at a good, realistic pace, as do the love scenes.

When she is attacked in the beadh of a collector, she uses her ability to disabled the armed man. Feeling threatened, Abby is referred to Sam Coppersmith by a trusted friend.