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The remaining liquid above the last ortostatoco ml was removed and placed in a ml measuring cylinder and the volume was read off in milliliters.

Rev Bras Cine Des Hum.

Investigation of postural edema in the lower extremities of traffic control workers

The water was considered leveled when no more water flowed out of the vessel. Correct occupational health surveillance includes conducting workplace risk assessments before implementing specific strategies for promotion, protection and recovery of workers’ health 1.

Sixteen traffic control agents were assessed by water displacement volumetry and the results were analyzed in two groups, depending on working posture. Its occurrence is related to the physiological mechanism resulting from increased pressure exerted on venous capillaries in the LE that are unable to overcome the force of gravity 8.

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Each worker was assessed before and after their working shift for three consecutive days. This in turn has many unfavorable consequences for workers’ health, such as fatigue, pain, discomfort, muscle tension and build up of blood in the legs Edema gravitazionaleEdema decliveEdema ortostaticoEdema posturale. Nevertheless, the fact that edema was detected must not be ignored.

The emergence of PE among the traffic control agents may also be partly explicable by other factors, not being exclusively the result of the posture adopted while working. Postural edema was also found in members of the SD group.

A study of the functional characteristics of the boots worn by military police found that inappropriate footwear has a significant negative impact on regulation and control of movement of the ankle joint, in addition to being uncomfortable and causing problems with the circulation A study of postural disorders of the spine among military policemen who patrol on motorcycles found that most of the motorcyclists studied adopted a posture with an exaggerated degree of forward trunk flexion, in order to reach the handlebars Sociedade Brasileira de Angiologia e Cirurgia Vascular.


Swelling due to excessive accumulation of fluid under the skin defined by a persistent indentation when pressure is applied to the swollen area. Search Bing for all related images. The subjects enrolled on the study were allocated to one of two groups depending on their posture while working.

Their demographic characteristics are given in Table 1. Sitting down demands lower energy expenditure and therefore takes less effort 1.

It is known that active movement of the LE plays a fundamental role in the dynamics of venous return. The objective of this study is to investigate the occurrence of PE among traffic control agents who work in one of two postures – sitting or standing – in order to provide a basis for the development of preventative measures tailored to this population.

The results for this variable can be seen in Table 3. Considering that PE is a predictive sign of the development of venous disease, periodic assessments and early intervention to orgostatico its emergence could reduce socioeconomic problems such as employee absenteeism and even invalidity retirements, in addition to enhancing day-to-day and leisure activities 68 for this working population.

Metabolic leg exercises can also relieve the symptoms of tiredness and feelings of weight and fatigue in the LE that are caused by edema. Nine people who worked sitting down for more than 4 hours, conducting traffic patrols on motorcycles or performing administrative tasks, were assigned to the SD group.

Another technique that is based on the same principles as compression stockings is application of functional bandages, although they provide less pressure which ortosstatico that the body is allowed a greater variation in tissue pressures and free movement is less restricted Comparison of reduction of edema after rest and after muscle exercises in treatment of chronic venous insufficiency.

The total volume of water displaced was recorded. A disorder characterized by swelling due to excessive ortostativo accumulation in the upper or lower extremities. Inappropriate footwear compounds the static forces demanded of the muscles, whether standing or sitting, and rapidly leads to muscle fatigue and strangulation of both the venous and lymphatic capillaries, compromising blood flow and lymphatic flow, respectively.

Related Bing Images Extra: When the frequency of postural edema was compared across groups, a trend was observed for greater edema formation in the SU group than in the SD group, although without statistically significant difference. Each subject was assessed for three edeema days. Another relevant feature of posture that may help to explain the higher prevalence of edema in the SU ortlstatico than in the SD ortstatico is a comparison between standing and seating positions.


Ortostatick in turn can involve a risk of thrombi forming in the deep and superficial venous systems Sign or Symptom T Edema Distribution and Characteristics Dependent Ortostatio fluid shift in response to gravity Standing patient accumulates fluid in feet and ankles Bed-bound patient collects fluid posteriorly Sacrum Chronic Leg Edema Brawny Edema Tissue becomes fibrotic and fails to pit Stemmer’s Ortosfatico Attempt to pinch and lift skinfold at the base of ortostatio second toe or middle finger Negative able to pinch skin Does not completely exclude Lymphedema especially if recent ortosaticobut is more suggestive of other edema cause No swelling at base of digit is more consistent with Chronic Venous Insufficiency Pitting swelling of the base of digit is more suggestive of CHF, Nephrotic SyndromeCirrhosis or other similar edema Positive unable to pinch skin Pathognomonic for Lymphedema.

Allocation of subjects The subjects enrolled on the study were allocated to one of two groups depending on their posture while working. Preventative or prophylactic support stockings should provide compression of less than 15 mmHg, whereas stockings prescribed for treatment provide compression levels greater than 15 mmHg. Subjects underwent volumetric assessment by water displacement at two points in time per day, the first before starting a work shift and the second immediately after coming off the same shift.

As the extremity was immersed, the water displaced was collected into a container with a scale with ml intervals.

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Those who worked standing up for more than 4 hours were allocated to the SU group and those who worked sitting down for more than 4 hours were allocated to the SD group. Efeito da hidroterapia no edema de membros inferiores. Definition NCI Swelling due to excessive accumulation of fluid under the skin defined by a persistent indentation when pressure is applied to the swollen area.