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It’s just a shame – albeit a perfectly understandable one – that the amp isn’t ever so slightly more versatile in the switching stakes. Keep it, don’t sell!! Original speaker is intact and manua, great!

I tested an Xotic BB preamp input as well.

Clean first then if it still has a problem replace. That serial number doesn’t dx to fit the standard formula. The voice parameter is for choosing between 16 different preset preamp sounds, which basically gives you a wide array of different types of sounds. All tube amp transistor controlled. Thisall tube combo amp pushes around5 Watts through itsoriginal 8″ speaker. The Sovtek 6V6 adds a lot to the amp and is very powerful.

It has a blue label Fender speaker. That serial number does not match any Fender scheme, mainly because xv has too many digits. Tweed panel in very good condition.

User reviews: Fender Vibro Champ XD – Audiofanzine

Check the connection to the reverb tank rectangular box usually sitting on the bottom of the amp. Lead sounds are a little rough but by limiting the gain one gets very fhamp things. I just bought one new today but the store didn’t have the manual for me.

SOUNDS I mainly play a tele road worn rarely with SG and the resulting sound pleases me even if I start to get bored, typically, I do not find a good grain on some big crunch more typical rock. While fm25dsp is dynamic, punchy and downright player with the same base I really do not understand.


Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. I’d really only recommend it for those looking for a practice amp, with the added bonus of being able to use this in the studio The metal settings, while satisfyingly filthy, tend to be very toppy indeed, chakp be prepared fende roll three-quarters of the treble off in order to keep your skull intact. The don’t have a control knob that dials in certain amps that they are recreating, but they have a dial that is called voice which essentially does the exact same chsmp.

No closer records appear to have been kept. These voicings are listed in the amp’s manual and the majority are based – rather than authentically modelled – on classic Fender amps. If not, I reserve the right to keep the item, or relist it. Fender Music Answered on Oct 04, 26 views. Serial number camp tube chart date this to This one to me is by far the best example of a solid amp that has a hybrid circuit.

Go your way I say Vibrk is lush and cuts deep. However, this amp has gotten my attention. Fender Music Answered on Nov 23, views. Front guitar input, an output line out the back and the ability to easily disconnect the HP integrated a bowl of 8 inches for pluguer a baffle extension instead.

The plugged top end isn’t a concern.

Don ASep 3, Cham Music Answered on Jun 15, 27 views. Voicing Two, described as a fat Fender Bassman, is excellent fun to play around with and adding reverb and delay gets you straight into mellow rockabilly territory. But it xf I can put a little harder I made a load box house to play with headphones via a Fast Track. Enough to play at home, in rehearsal, at least to transplant 5W, should not the tape as a deaf drummer.


Found this in an old TGP thread: For an amp that only has 5 watts of power, the Vibro Champ sounds pretty awesome.

The main interest of this amp in my opinion, is the voicing of sounds clear and little crunch. We feel that limits the bowl. What’s more, the Fender tones really come into their own and have some of the sharper textures sanded off with ease. I’m guessing what that means is manuwl use solid state along with the preamp and power amps tubes that are in it. Fender Music Answered on Hcamp 21, 98 views. A special thank you to the ‘new’ guys that helping out.

The tubes are all in good working condition.

Indeed a section for troubleshooting correct reverb, Dlay not adjustable, chorus, tremolo and pseudo leslie. Fender guitars with single coil pickups.

Fender Vibro-champ Xd Owner’s Manual

The amp offers a way rotary encoder that selects a number of preset preamp voicings that drastically alter the basic tone which can, of course, be tailored further by experimenting with the output stage. At the rear, a single HP 4ohm output and line output handy to register decent quality, but volume depending on the volume of the amp. The tremolo-equipped Tremolux, introduced inand the Vibrolux boasting a sumptuous vibrato, are just two examples from the illustrious annals.

June Possibly even De Achieve champion status from the practice room to the sound check to the recording studio with the Fender Vibro Champ XD.

Obviously, if you compare it to an old Fender lamp, there is no picture