William Jaeger, partner and owner of Freemark Abbey Winery, has a crop of Riesling grapes that are close to ripening with a possible rainstorm approaching. Free Essay: Baur Bektemirov BUSF Assignment 5 Freemark Abbey Winery Assume that under no unusual circumstances (no storm). View Notes – Freemark Abbey Winery case study from ACCT at University Of Arizona. 1. If harvest the Riesling grapes before the storm arrives, Mr. Jaeger.

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Each determination comes with a certain degree of hazard. If he harvests the grapes now. On the other manus.

Freemark Abbey Winery Case Study Essay – words | Study Guides and Book Summaries

Jaeger has 3 more possibilities open to him. With so many options.

Jaeger come to a determination? It will be helpful to use the flow chart diagram attached to the terminal of the analysis. Get down with the option with the least sum of hazard. This is the least hazardous of the options because he knows what he can acquire if he harvested the xbbey right now. If he harvested the grapes instantly in their current province. The consequence is that Mr. There are no other options.


Freemark Abbey Winery Case Study Essay

Now to detect the options available to Mr. Jaeger if he decides to non reap the grapes. There is a opportunity that the storm will really look. With the storm non coming.

Jaeger to go forth the grapes on the vine to acse longer. The monetary values at which the vino would sell at iwnery sugar content degree is as follows: Look now at the options available to Mr. Jaeger if he decides non to reap and the storm does come down on his vinery. Casw the possibilities available to Mr. Jaeger if the storm does non incorporate the cast. Each choice is no more likely than the other Neither option is really alluring compared to the other options so far.

Let us look at the EMV of this peculiar group of determinations: Storm with No Mold: This is the most optimistic scenario. So the net income border for the grapes incorporating the cast is as follows: As you can see.

Now that all the possible net incomes have been found for the abbye really go oning. The consequence is as follows: Remember that the opportunities that the storm would hit were EMV Do non Harvest: The determination does come with higher hazard.


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Freemark Abbey Winery

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