Although, that some of their learning resources center is under renovation, you can still say that it was arranged properly. The school library. Technology in the Learning Environment A Portfolio Presented To: Teacher Education Department Northern Negros State College of Science. Republic of the Philippines St. Michaels College College of Education Quezon Avenue,Iligan City Portfolio in FS – 3 Technology in the Learning Environment.

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At the end of this activity, you will gain competence in determining tecchnology appropriateness of teaching aids to learning tasks. Using teaching aids are very important. Build up resources to sustain the ministry. Students Previous and Up — Coming Activities! Do their responses show attentiveness, eagerness and understanding? The board display contains different activities and events for a certain month and it was located near the entrance gate where teachers, students and parents can see it.

The emphasis in experiential learning was on the process of learning and not on the product.

Portfolio in FS – 3

The teacher reviews their thr lesson. Bulletin Board……………………………………………… 33 4. The teacher gives examples from their pass lesson and gives points to the students that can able to answer. Most of the contents are missing and disarranged. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

Teaching Approaches where the Resources is most useful. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines and procedures. An example of a substitution reaction occurs when zinc combines with hydrochloric acid.

As this sweet is so dear to us. Micro-teaching involves the pre- service teachers in working with small group of learners in three ways: I will guide them and I will demonstrate first and give some information about the leaf and its parts after that, they will give their own meaning or understanding thr the leaf and its parts. The guidelines and procedures facilitate easy access to the materials in such a way that the guidelines and procedures do not involve great exertion or discomfort on the part of the teachers or any users of it.


The topics were written in a manila paper and there was legibility in the content because it can be quickly and clearly understood by students sitting at the back. All learning resources must be contemporary and the person in-charge must know how to efficiently utilize envlronment because learning resources support curriculum. The library was placed on the upper part of the school building and the computer laboratories where placed on the first floor.

Cool Science for Curious Kids http: Republic of the Philippines St. Description of the site BED …………………………….

You should also be familiar with the topic that your are going to present in the Class. At the end of the discussion, if we still have time, I am going to have some some sort of evaluation or a short quiz about the topic or it could be that I am going to give them assignments about plural forms of a given noun or they can list down the plural forms of their chosen nouns as many as they can. And another could Be a hindrance is that PowerPoint presentation need an electronic device, like projection system And a computer or laptop, if one these equipment is not available or not working, then it can Jeopardize your presentation or your plan.

We know that the tragedy don’t approach and says that “I am coming!

The students will be given a sense chart of which they can list details for each in its co- Lumn. So first I did was to make an outline of the content of my handout then I read several references and searching through the internet just to form my concept map.


It is important for me to be familiar and understand clearly its appropriateness and effectiveness in delivering a topic. The teacher presents her topic by a power point presentation 2.

Developed and utilize instructional materials appropriate to a chosen lesson in microteaching. I believe that to prepare our young for the world of tomorrow, education should not only focus on simple transmitting knowledge but it place a premium on invention, innovation, anticipation and adaptation.

MathMol Hypermedia textbook for elementary school http: As what I observed the library has better lighting and fully- air-conditioned room. Are they free from dust and moisture? Indicators of effective teaching and learning shall be carefully observed.

FS3 Technology in the Learning Environment episode 1

Pre- Service Teacher Prayer……………………………………. Focus on their non-verbal responses. Performance Indicators Curriculu m Identifies and classifies resources that facilitate teaching and learning processes Appraises the effectiveness of displays as learning resources. Bullet point format and concept map must be use to summarize the content.

The words used were appropriate to the level of the students where in the students who will read it can understand its thought. Provide a variety of teaching venues incorporating the latest technologies to a range of diverse student interests, backgrounds and aspirations; 5.