Monteggia fracture-dislocations consist of a fracture of the ulnar shaft with concomitant dislocation of the radial head. The ulnar fracture is usually obvious. Monteggia appreciated that the ulna fracture was linked to the radial head the term Monteggia fracture-dislocation in in his publication Thesis de Paris. Monteggia described a fracture of the proximal third of the ulna with . Reynders P, De Groote W, Rondia J, Govaerts K, Stoffelen D, Broos PL.

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Postoperative radiography in the operating room showed a good reduction of the Ulna fracture but persistent anterior dislocation of the radial head Figure 2. What do they look like – clinically?

Although the eponym Monteggia fracture-dislocation is well recognized by orthopedic surgeons, little is known about the lives and contributions of Monteggia and Bado and the evolution of treatment of this complex injury. This case is unusual because of the association of a complete tear of the external collateral ligament of the elbow.

In one case, Cunningham used a bone graft to achieve a bony union in ve patient who appeared to have malunion of the ulna fracture resulting from a delayed presentation Fig. Support Center Monetggia Center. Monteggia-like lesions-treatment strategies and one-year results. Peripheral nerve examination needs to be documented.


The radial styloid fracture was stabilized by a pin. His series included montrggia patients, and he referred to a case that appeared to be one of the earliest descriptions of a known chronic injury.

Shortly after, Naylor from Bradford, England, reported 9 cases of Monteggia fracture-dislocation that he treated between There is plastic deformation of the ulna. To show his gratitude, the Duke presented Monteggia with an annuity and appointed him as his personal physician.

In comminuted injuries a bone graft may be required to maintain ulnar length. This contrasted with Speed and Boyd, 14 who were in favor fe open reduction and internal fixation for acute injuries except for children in whom nonoperative treatment was employed.

Follow-up in fracture clinic needs to be in 7 days with an x-ray. In adults, the healing is slower and results usually not as good.

Monteggia fracture-dislocation | Radiology Reference Article |

Chapter 13 Dw of the Elbow in Children. In children most of injuries e. Fracture extending to distal half of ulna. Duverney fracture Pipkin fracture. Epidemiology and treatment of monteggia lesion in adults: From these original materials, we present the evolution of treatment of Monteggia fracture-dislocations over 2 centuries and summarize the lives and contributions of Monteggia and Bado.

Dislocation of the ulnohumeral joint usually results from high-energy injuries such as a fall on the outstretched hand with the arm abducted that causes failure of the posterior capsule and lateral collateral ligaments.


Lussazioni delle ossa delle estremita superiori. The nerve injury is usually treated expectantly. Bumper fracture Segond fracture Gosselin fracture Toddler’s fracture Pilon fracture Plafond fracture Tillaux fracture. Other indications for prompt consultation include: Delayed or missed diagnosis is the most frequent complication.

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Monteggia fracture

Bado reported the treatment outcomes of 22 adults and 18 children, the majority of whom experienced from acute injuries. Fahmy from Salford, England, and then Letts and colleagues from Manitoba, Canada, suggested a Monteggia equivalent that Bado did not refer to in his classification and that is only found in children. Practical Fracture Treatment 5th ed.

X-rays showing a Monteggia fracture of a young man left and his 1 year-postoperative radiograph following open reduction and fixation of the ulna shaft fracture by a vitallium plate and a fascial sling to maintain the montegga of the head of the radius. The forearm may look deformed if the ulna fracture is displaced.