siemens hicom e service manual pdf – This list of telephone switches is a compilation of telephone switches used in the public switched telephone network . [EPUB] Siemens Hicom e Service Manual [PDF]. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online. SIEMENS HICOM E SERVICE MANUAL Pdf Download online Hicom E Telephone pdf manual download Also for Hicom Hicom.

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Table Of Contents Pin assignment of the printer adapter HicomHicomHicomHicom For each Hicom E extension, however, the tie line number and the relevant extension number must be entered as the direct dialling in number.


Changing Line Length 1 for “long line” Hickm 1: During a thunderstorm, you should not connect or remove telephone lines and PCB boards. Intercept criteria No answer, busy, invalid, incomplete, recall Call allocation continues in block 2 call signalling. Thus, there can be up to 15 different groups of extensions with the same night-time trunk access.

The existing LCR table containing 50 entries is used as an exception table see Table 8- On the basis of the exception table, the system decides whether or not a call should be set up via the normal Telecom or corporate network.



See Programming guide, Section Slots 1 and 2 with 8-port modules, slots 3 and 4 with port modules. Page The yellow wire jumper is to be switched from “B” to “0” in the Grothe TS entrance tele- phone.

It is essential to ensure that condensation cannot form while the appliance is in op- eration. Deactivate telephone directory Status: Querying the SW status of the system and the connected modules.

Page – Alerting tone during conference as of S Don’t show me this message again. The default group extension numbers are “” to “”. Page Any digit string max.

Select transferred party Display: These symbols are not usually used in the manual. A new file is automatically created, “konvert.

Siemens Hicom 100 E Service Manual

Defining Intercept, Busy Select intercept override Intercept: External Diversion as Of Sw 2. If an error message appears, abort the load process and start again from point 7 of the upgrade instructions. Page Define the extensions in the 2 call blank Up to 16 telephones per group 13 17 pick-up groups 8 as of SW 2. Digit repetition was deactivated when digit repetition attempt was made to assign additio- nal route codes Table Error messages for network settings Error messages must be acknowledged before you proceed with programming.


Optiset e standard; optiset e advance plus; optiset e memory 32 pages. It does not illustrate the maximum configuration possible or authorization-related restrictions.

Page – Reference extensions Page – Normal extensions Page – Reference extensions Page – Normal extensions Page – Dialling signal transmission mode as of The DDI number is then dialled before selecting the required call number. The system extension number is to be entered without a prefix and without a console code. Entries must be made for each user.

Page – Changing analogue destination extensions Table Of Contents Overview of item code numbers Each internally dialled extension is assigned a call destination list which specifies the exact call procedure e. Page Scroll to line 4 Line 4: