Download Citation on ResearchGate | ETHICAL AND POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY IN THE IBALON EPIC | Epic is ordinarily thought as a literary genre that extols. “Ibalon is one of the only two epics that come from Christian Filipinos (the other one being the “Biag ni Lam-ang). The rest come from the non-Christian groups. Read the following: The Three Heroes of Ibalon The epic tells the story of three Bicol heroes. Baltog, a mighty warrior of Batavara, came by chance upon the lush .

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Folk history or not, this epic is valuable for it enabled the Bikolanos of today to gain valuable insights into the misty past eppic their land and their ancestors.

Ibalon: A Bicolano Epic – Summer Chronicles

In her study of the Ibalong Epic, the Bikol scholar, Ma. With all these killings, the rivers and swamps of Ibalong turned red with blood. Jump to left secondary navigation bar. Tumulong si Oriol sa paglipol ng iba pang mga masasamang hayop sa Ibalon. To him, Handiong entrusted the job of getting rid of Rabot, a fierce monster, who was half-man and half-beast. And they never stopped fighting until all these monsters were killed.

How many of the people that came near his lair were turned into stone by the beast? Footer main menu About KapitBisig. Sural carved a Bikol syllabary out of a stone from Libong, and polished to shine by Gapon. Ang mga piling tauhan ni Handiong ay tumulong sa kanyang pamamahala at pagtuturo sa mga tao ng maraming bagay. In no time, their lives changed for the better.


Upon learning of the victory of their Chief Baltog, the people prepared a feast and celebrated. Their human equivalents are believed to be those who take the law into their own hands, who have suffered injustice.

Long before Spaniards arrived in Bikol and introduced Christianity, the Bikolanos already believed in gods and supernatural beings. He came to Bikol with his followers after Baltog, and came to be the most famous of the tawong-lipod.

Handyong was assisted by Oryol in killing many of them, which lead tinged the Bikol River red with blood. Bantong was a brave and cunning young warrior who single-handedly killed the half-man and half-wild beast Rabot, although Handyong had given him 1, warriors to help him do it.

The Ibalon (from the Bikol region) | Philippines:

epiv People were asking who will fight against Rabot. The first man was Baltog, originally from Botavara and of the race Lipod. I know you can do it. Handyong sealed all the serpents inside a huge cave in Mount Hantik.

The very big jawbones of the dead boar became an attraction for everyone. The Ibalong festival features the various characters from the epic while celebrating through song and dance. Si Baltog ay matanda na upang makilaban.

Ibalong Epic

For ten months, they fought without rest. Josephine Acosta Pasricha Indologist. Then came a great flood, freed by Unos[2] that changed the features of the land. The supersized boar had jawbones as wide as two arms extended, and tusks which measured about two-thirds longer than the handle of his lance.


Ang sistema ng pagsulat ay itinuro ni Sural. This poses an argument that the locals had to depend on foreign abilities and leadership before they were able to obtain progress. He exhorted his people to plant “linsa” and rice. Origin of the Philippine Music. Having a beautiful voice, Oryol could change its image to deceive its enemies.

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Then, he hung it on a talisay tree in front of his house. He carved it on a white rock-slab from Libong, which Gapon later polished.

Ibalon (English version of epic from Bicol) A long, long time ago

They came from Boltavaraibakon and ruling Bikolandia and its inhabitants. Then, appeared the giant Rabot, half-man and half-beast, with awesome and terrifying powers.

Through his good example, his people became inspired and came up with their own inventions. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. The hero Baltog, who came from Botavora of the brave clan of Lipod, came to this land when many monsters were still roaming in its very dark forests.