STM and JESDAF respectively. A typical Human Body Model circuit is presented in Figure 1. Figure 1: Typical Human Body Model Circuit. In September , a small group of ESD control and design stakeholders assembled in a Read More». In the EERC Resource Center. A Dash of Maxwell’s. JESDAF. – IEC (C= pF). – MIL method Pulse parameters. HBM. Reference voltage. 2KV 4KV. Peak current. A A.

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HBM Test plan would as follows: NOTE 3 R2, used for initial equipment qualification and requalification as specified in 3. Recalibration is required a114r equipment repairs are made that may affect the waveform and a minimum of every 12 months.

For the initial board check-out connect a ? The V level is optional. All comments will be collected and dispersed to the appropriate committee s. A a11f4 value of 10 kohm or larger is recommended. Any part that a114t after exposure to an ESD pulse of V. Power pins and Power Pin Groups are defined in 4.

However, if a pin intended to supply power to a circuit on another chip but not to any circuit on the same chip, it may be treated as a signal pin.

If the Supply pins are connected on package plane clause 4. Follow the procedure in step 3. This may require additional testing as each nonsupply pin must be treated as an individual power pin group.


Each Vdd2 pin Vdd2. The number of power pins tested on Terminal A may be reduced if the power pin group is connected on a package plane see clause 4.

The objective is to provide reliable, repeatable HBM ESD test results so that accurate classifications can be performed. JEDEC standards and publications are adopted without regard to whether or not their adoption may involve patents or articles, materials, or processes.


Additionally, the system diagnostics test as defined in 3. Some punctuation changes are not included. JEDEC standards and publications are adopted without regard to whether or not their adoption may involve patents or articles, materials, or processes.

While most power pins are labeled such that they can be easily recognized as power pins examples: NOTE As an alternative to the worst-case pin search, the reference pin pair may be identified for each test socket of each test fixture. Each non-supply a114ff to all other non-supply pin; all power pins left unconnected.


It is permitted to use the same sample 3 at the next higher voltage stress level if all parts pass the failure criteria specified in clause 5 after ESD exposure to a specified voltage level. This test will check for any open or short relays. Clause Description of change 4. A resistance value of 10 kohm or larger is recommended. Added in 4 language stating clearly that ESD testing must be performed on samples of the actual chip being evaluated In 4. Included pins connected to charge pump capacitors as power pins.


To provide better data reproducibility, it is permitted to place a shunt resistance between the pin to be stressed Terminal A and the system ground Terminal B in order to quench the pre-pulse phenomenon and eliminate the voltage rise as long as it does not alter the HBM waveforms as specified in Table 1 in tester qualification, calibration and waveform verification. Additionally, all personnel shall receive system operational training and electrical safety training prior to using the equipment.

All pins one at time to Vdd1 power pin group 5. Attach a shorting wire between these pins with the current probe around the shorting wire. The actual number of pin combination sets depends on the number of power pin groups.

Vpp pins on memory devices. A voltage probe kesd22 a minimum input impedance of 10M? The period between waveform checks may be extended providing test data supports the increased interval. Deformation of water surface.