Jvc JX-T88 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Jvc JX-T88 Service Manual. View and Download JVC JX-T88 service manual online. JX-T88 Keyboard pdf manual download. JVC CHARACTER GENERATOR JX-T Brand: JVC; Condition: Pre-owned; SKU: GLE; Model: JVC-T88; Location: FR CO. JVC CHARACTER.

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But you can easily nab that on something else. Don’t miss a thing! The static fill is choice!! To get the most out of this machine and not spatially limit yourself I would recommend routing everything to a control box.

There is next to no space for extra controls so you have to work with what you get. Oh yes, before we get any further…. Made in Portland, OR. Glitch Art Dot Com. BPMC takes no responsibility for yadda yadda yadda.

Prop Hire – JVC JX-T88 Character Ganerator

Working within the 3 ICs below should provide you with all the glitch visual stimulation you need. The rainbow strobe effect is psycho-fucking-tropic. Keep your eyes peeled and expect to pay in between 30 — 60USD. While you may want to wrap your head around all the different scroll options and background colors yadda yadda yadda all you really need to know in the beginning is how to get some text on the screen.

While it takes a cranked signal to inject audio in to the characters and thus make them dance, it can be done. Fragmented pulsating text can be a nice addition to any glitch video setup. While it takes a lot of voltage to drive the characters it takes next to no voltage to drive a lot of the points on the smaller ICs outlined.


Too much heat and you run the risk of ruining it. To get started unscrew the three screws on the back panel and you should be able to lightly slide the keyboard portion of the housing off of the base. Of all the character generators lying dormant in the linear editing graveyard and there are quite a few I find the JVC JX-T88 to be the most intriguing.

This has faked me out a couple of times now. While experimenting you will want to prop the keyboard portion up so you can still access the controls and the guts at the same time. Obscure first device to launch the series with, I know, but they do come up. It always kind of blows me away that this shit is just sleeping inside the machine.

The key to bending is having text on screen at all times. Have a steady set of bends and want to save something in to memory? If in your experimentation this occurs just turn the unit off, unplug it and then plug it back in to fully reset it.

Click to Contact the Big Pauper. Soldering directly to the IC takes a little practice.

Video glitch art tools by Big Pauper. Regardless of how many times you crash and reset this thing you will always have this screen to easily return to. Use a fine tip, no more than degrees and a little dab of flux paste on your pin.

But yes, watch out for that thing. Luckily the JVC comes stock with a demo screen. Those hand pump jammies are more trouble than they are worth.


JVC CHARACTER GENERATOR JX-T88 | Great Lakes Equipment

Back in the day I spent a lot of time in the video amp section which produces what you would expect, a variety of edge feedback and synch corruption fx.

But who knows, there could be more, MORE…looosingggg sleeeeeppp. To me, that sounds like a root canal but I can respect that route.

This is an instance where a jx-t8 controlled de-soldering gun comes in handy. I will be retiring them from production so there should be less ebay competition from yours truly.

Jvc Jx-t66 Character Generator

Take your watch off, remove your Mr. I promise you a rewarding bend. Good luck getting your hands on a JVC. Beware the power j-xt88 How to best tackle the controls? It can be awkward trying to avoid this thing while you are working so I usually put a little insulated bubble-mailer on top of it. But hopefully it is an illusion and you just have to unplug the little fucker.

Either of these three options are great although the switches are a tight fit. It is connected only by a ground and a small ribbon cable. You can crawl a little further down or up rather on the IC but you run a pretty healthy risk of crashing the machine.

Should you write the great American novel and follow it up with a wrong connection then you will lose all text saved in memory.