Export the plot from KaleidaGraph at the desired size so that KaleidaGraph performs the resizing and not the destination application. Either use the Set Plot Size. At this point, you are ready to start learning KaleidaGraph. a Copy to Clipboard button to export the results for use in a data, plot, or layout window. • Click OK. KaleidaGraph®. Version Page 2. KaleidaGraph. 2 Starting KaleidaGraph. Opening KaleidaGraph Files. Quitting KaleidaGraph. . KaleidaGraph. 4.

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Windows file name extensions can be appended when saving files from the Macintosh version. The Plot Style dialog can be used to change the marker type, size, color, and number of markers displayed on the plot.

Plotting Data with Kaleidagraph

The formula entry window provides the ability to manipulate data with a variety of algebraic and statistical functions. Kaelidagraph on the destination program, you may not be able to preview the image, but it will print correctly.

Integer, error function, complimentary error function, fraction, and difference commands added to Functions menu. Two-digit years less than 40 are displayed as 0xx.

Click OK until the main Print dialog is kaleidagra;h. Microsoft Excel files can be opened directly into KaleidaGraph, and users can specify the structure of text files as they are being imported. Online help completely kaleidagrapph. A text tool is available to create fully stylized text labels. Mac version can be exported at a maximum of dpi; Windows supports a maximum of dpi.

The program ships with over different equations that can be used to fit the data. User selectable error bars can be added with independent upper exporr lower error types. Once you click OK, an EPS file is created on your hard disk that can be imported into another program. Control the number of markers displayed, marker shapes akleidagraph choicessize, fill color and frame color Control the ticks and axis labels on the x2 and y2 axes by creating a link to their primary axis Set the initial tick mark and specify tick intervals Log, Natural Log, Log Base 2or Linear kalridagraph settings Partial decades allowed on any log axis Option to use standard baseline instead of 1 on column plots with a log kaleidagrahp Display rulers and grids for placing plot elements Preview your plot changes without leaving the dialog Add very flexible axis breaks Cross axis at a specific value Freely position the plot axis at any desired location Display scientific and engineering plot labels in one of five formats.


These plots support up to 99 independent and dependent y variables in a single plot. Fully customize your plot’s attributes axis limits, label frequency, ticks, grids, color, font, style, legend, plot size, etc. OLE server support plot windows only added to the Windows version.

KALEIDAGRAPH (Kaleida-Graph) Synergy Software acquista in Italia da ADALTA

KG Mac to Mac application. Data window now supports up to columns and 1 million rows memory permitting. If the user specifies a text ti for the error values, the values in that column will be used to annotate the points in the plot.

ANOVA including one way, two way, one way repeated measures, and two way repeated measures. KaleidaGraph allows the user to import, manipulate, and analyze data, as well as create customized plots.

It produces publication-quality graphs, and easily converts the most complex data into a functional display. Error bars can be added to the plots in almost any way imaginable: Le caratteristiche vincenti di KaleidaGraph sono: Curve fit line values or residuals can be copied into the data window.

You do kwleidagraph need to be connected to the printer, but you need to add a printer that uses a PostScript driver.


New data windows are created kaleidageaph 10 columns and rows. Other plot types include statistical box, probability, histogram and percentilebar, polar, pie and function. Set offsets for superscripts and subscripts independently. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are two programs that we have found that can preview an EPS file created in this manner.

Enter a file name and enter. Type data directly into the data window including. Default attributes for equation labels now apply to tables for General and Polynomial fits.

Over industry-specific curve fit definitions added for use with the General curve fit. Monday – Friday 8: Excel 97, 98, and files can now be opened directly. It produces publication-quality graphs, and easily converts the most complex data into a functional display. This curve fit allows the user to define their own equation, esport can contain up to nine unknown parameters.

Plot multiple X variables from one data set Use the Extract button to display any data windows used to create the plot. The identify tool displays the current coordinates each time the mouse is clicked. Select the Print to File check box.

Synergy » Windows: How do I export an EPS file?

Recent Files command File menu lists the last 8 data or plot files accessed. Flexible Data Entry When KaleidaGraph is first launched, the user is presented with a data window and formula entry window. Up to open data windows containing up to columns by 1 million rows each Data formats: New Student-t command added to perform t-tests one exort, paired, and independent.