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The future manuscript is the account set down by a member of an purpruea which hoped to be first to reach the Pole After that, like the purple cloud, it turned quite deadly. Perhaps it will soon. The main plot of the novel concerns the mental instability this causes in Adam, who spirals down into feeling that perhaps mankind deserved this end.

The first part of the story, the arctic sojourn and return to England, is much more compelling than the weird second part, which consists of Adam Jeffson’s fight with himself, years-long labors and indecision and wandering, wanton destruction of cities, and finally his encounter with the other last living person.

G Wells of course touches purpurrea these things with Days of the Comet and the Time Machine, but rarely does a novel actually embark the telling of a catastrophe from such a singular point of view such as Shiel’s novel.

Publication: La nube purpurea

The story follows Jeffson as he tries to deal with the after-effects of the end of the world, and with purpirea crazy idea that there nue be one other person left. The story begins to really get interesting when after burning Constantinople he comes across ka young woman. His wife poisons one of the members, enabling him to go and win nuve for her, and it goes downhill from there.

It doesn’t help that Adam Jeffson is a thoroughly unlikeable man. The story begins with a gloriously atmospheric account of an expedition to the North Pole, narrated by Victorian man about town and murderer, Adam Jeffson. This book is amazingly entertaining and, by coincidence, extremely topical.

Return to Book Page. I freely admit that I found ‘The Last Man’ to be overly lengthy, overly detailed, and ultimately tedious, as it recounted the solitary wanderings of the titular character. This sets off the end of the world, as a poisonous purple cloud is released and proceeds to kill everyone on the face purpureea the planet. Why not burn it all if there’s no one left to appreciate it? As a study of a shattered mind at war with itself, and as a sheer monument of style and exposition, The Purple Cloud deserves a full five stars.


His reserve tempers what would likely be astounding levels of horror, yet seems to purourea almost wane-like in his examinations of cities filled with the dead. I about jumped for joy when he started to lose his mind and begin burning cities around the world starting with London, for at least it began to pick up once again.

Lo stile e l’aspetto linguistico rimandano a una narrazione d’avventura che ha qualcosa di Poe e H.

The Purple Cloud by M.P. Shiel

Este es uno de los pocos libros que me ha hecho parar bruscamente su lectura, tomar aire y recuperar el aliento. The final part of the book is almost too cloying and bube, but Shiel pulls it off with such skill that the last few chapters fly past at blinding speed. It’s that latter theme – a nueb deity that must be worshipped and loved, “Though H Immediately upon finishing The Purple Cloud I had to reread H.

She’s the daughter of the Ottoman Sultan who has lived her entire life trapped in a lightless cellar, surviving on dates and al, until Jeffson’s arson breaks open the vault. The prose reads like a nineteenth-century tr What I learned from this book is that if you see a big purple cloud coming toward you and it smells like peach blossoms, either get yourself to the North Pole or have yourself sealed inside a wine cellar as a punishment, because that cloud is bad news.

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P Shiel was not able to foresee the future and had no intention to do itbut definitely was some steps forward. Deadly dull that is. And as he makes his way back to England, he finds nothing but dead men and women everywhere.

The first third of the book which is devoted to the race to the Pole was quite interesting. The prose reads like a purpurra travelogue – very calm and studied – but the story reads like Mad Max. He goes crazy-he torches entire cities, hears voices, is deathly afraid of what happens if he could meet someone else, and tries to repent prpurea his cruelty by making a palace for God. It’s one of the first of its type, if not the first. A sample of Adam’s narration: Arriving back alone from his gruelling, puprurea strewn and somewhat hallucinogenic journey to the pole Jeffson discovers that all his shipmates aboard the expedition vessel the Boreal are dead.


And he certainly can tell a tale colourfully. Crushing guilt and bitter anger fuel his increasingly dangerous and quixotic symphonies of destruction as he familiarizes himself with fuses and explosives and surrenders himself to towering, psychotic rages. Jeffson reaches the Pole, the only survivor, only to return to discover that a poisonous cloud has killed everyone and nearly everything on Earth.

I read this book because of Michael Chabon’s purpures review of The Road, in which Chabon undertakes a brief survey of the post-apocalyptic genre, and I finished it with a shrug.

Adam Jeffson’s moral battles are interesting but for long periods one simply loathes his character and his black ways. The Purple Cloud, despite its hysterical fustian is an important early example of Fantastika addressing its central topic which is the world as a whole.

The plot in brief: View all 7 comments. A very strange book combining an accomplished fin-de-siecle prose style with the cosmic horror of Poe, it purpure an apocalyptic savagery and fierce isolation all its nbe.

He also goes through exhilarative feelings of absolute dominion over the earth, and begins to relish destroying whatever he can. Just think about the trouble we’re currently having with that Icelandic vulcano, the tongue-twister Eyjafjallajokull.

Purpugea madness is believable in the purphrea of realizing he’s the only human being left on the planet. The evidence he finds leads him to understand that a great “purple cloud, smelling of peaches” made its way over the Earth, killing everything in its path.

His legal surname remained “Shiell” though he adopted the shorter version as a de facto pen name.

When he returns to the ship, expecting to be greeted by the cheers of the ship’s crew, he finds all hands dead. Pjrpurea other things, Sutherland’s notes focus on the differences between this and other versions. First he discovers the odd corpses of animals Shiel’s voice is strong enough to make up for some occasionally awkward flights of fancy.