by: Laurence Gardner – The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed. The time- honoured quest for the Holy Grail has been referred to by some as the ‘ultimate quest’. Illustrated Bloodline of the Holy Grail [Laurence Gardner] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A controversial book based on sovereign and. Laurence Gardner – Bloodline of the Holy Grail: The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed (Realm of the Holy Grail) – Music.

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It was the original root of the modern bar mitzvah.

bloodline of the holy grail

In the New Testament, the anointing of Jesus by Mary Magdalene was indeed performed while he sat at the table, and specifically with the bridal ointment of spikenard. The Nativity story itself provides a good example. The period from the first of these two births to the second restitution in AD 43 was six years, which denotes that the AD 37 child was a son.

Researchers, misguided by bloodlkne fictional locations ,aurence the romances, have searched in vain through the chronicles of Brittany, Wales and the West of England.

That being said, it is a facinating account of the history, not just of the Holy Land but of Europe and the rest of the world through the time of Jesus and for several centuries afterwards.

Not only that but, along with various other texts, it was sentenced to be destroyed.

Hence, she is the guardian of the sacred Bloodline of the Holy Grail. In the New Testament, the anointing of Jesus by Mary Magdalene was hol performed while he sat at the table, and specifically with the bridal ointment of spikenard. Therefore a person who carries the blood of the Davidic line is the Grail. Many people have asked me why the hitherto suppressed information in Bloodline of the Holy Grail is coming to light at this particular time.


The Illustrated Bloodline of the Holy Grail: Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed by Laurence Gardner

The story is taken up in the Acts of the Apostles, which detail for that month the event which we have come to know as the Ascension. Although these books were not rediscovered until this present century, bloovline were used openly by the early Christians.

Because women become mothers, and the very nature of motherhood is a perpetuation of bloodlines. These were not only ministering disciples, but priestesses in their own right, running exemplary schools of worship in the Nazarene tradition.


One thing which the Acts do not do, however, is to call garxner event the Ascension. Another example is the concept of the Virgin Birth.

Chronologically, these anointings as given in the Gospels were two-and-a-half years apart. Nevertheless, many Knights were tortured and executed in the process. Harry Beer rated it liked it Jun 19, It is, therefore, apparent that when Jesus remained at the temple in his twelfth year, he was actually twenty-four years-old – not twelve. Emilia rated it it was amazing Jan 26, The first the anointing in Luke was the legal commitment to wedlock, while the second the later anointing in Matthew, Mark and John was the cementing of the contract.

He deleted a substantial section from the Gospel of Mark written more than a hundred years before that time and justified his action in a letter, stating: It is a compelling journey of discovery: He “proves” for the first time that there is a royal heritage of the Messiah in the West, and documents the systematic and continuing suppression of these records tracing tthe descent of the sacred lineage by regimes down the centuries.

In this sacrament, the sacred chalice contains the wine that represents the perpetual blood of Jesus. We also know that, at that stage, Mary Magdalene had to have been three months pregnant – which means she should have given birth in September of AD Subsequently, the Palestinian historian, Hegesippus, reported that in AD 81 during the reign of the Roman Emperor Domitian the execution of these family inheritors was ordered by Imperial decree.

They were allowed only water – a purification ritual, as stated in Laaurence. The word ‘Gra-al’ originates from ancient Mesopotamia, where it was recorded as being oc ‘nectar of supreme excellence’. There were actually two main criteria for selection, and these from an earlier short-list prepared laurnce Bishop Athanasius of Alexandria were determined at gardnef Council of Carthage in the year AD Marriage was essential, but community law protected the dynasts against marriage to women who proved barren or kept miscarrying.

Bloodline Of The Holy Grail

This kingdom was the Essene high monastery at Mird, by the Dead Sea, and the ceremony of entry was conducted by the angelic priests under the supervision of the appointed leader of the pilgrims. But this rule has never been quite what it appears on the surface, for it was never sexual activity as such that bothered the Church.

If Jesus was its living catalyst, then Christianity should rightly be based on the teachings of Jesus himself – the moral and social codes of a fair-minded, tolerant ministry, with the people as its benefactors.


Apart from that, there were large numbers of Samaritans and Gentiles non-Jews; the Arab races. Barbara Ish rated it liked it Mar 03, It has been replaced by party politics and largely non-representative government. As a result, Galileo was hauled before the Catholic Inquisition and kept under house arrest for ten years until he died. Looking back beyond the Latin to the older documents, we discover that the word translated to ‘virgo’ a young woman was the Semitic word ‘almah’ which meant the very same – a young woman.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Bloodline of the Holy Grail: The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed

As previously mentioned, Matthew states that Jesus was born in a house and, when correctly translated, Luke reveals that Jesus was laid in a manger an vloodline feeding box because there was no cradle provided in the room. We shall then progress through years of history to the present day – travelling through the Dark Ages to spend some time in medieval Europe.

From the s, the powerful Knights Templars and their cathedrals posed an enormous threat to the male-only Church by bringing the heritage holg Jesus and Mary Magdalene to the fore in the public domain.

Some time after the Crucifixion, Peter and his friend Paul went to Antioch, then on to Rome, beginning the movement that became Christianity. This book opens up a whole debate on biblical accuracy, whether to take the bible literally as Word of God, or as “inspired” by the Word of God but “written” by man, and therfore subject to the beliefs and influences at the time of the writing.

Jules R rated it it was amazing Aug 17, This Gospel states that Jesus was born while Cyrenius was Governor of Syria – the same year that Emperor Augustus implemented the national taxing census which caused Joseph and Mary to go to Bethlehem.

More importantly, it set the scene for bloodlihe story of the Crucifixion of Jesus himself, whose own subsequent raising from spiritual death was determined by the same three-day rule that applied to Lazarus.

From the moment of a dynastic birth, the parents were physically separated – for six years if the child was a boy and for three years if the child was a girl.