by Joël de Rosnay . Let us use the macroscope to direct a new look at nature, society, and man observes in the macroscope the organism that shelters it. Joël de Rosnay, (born 12 June ) is Docteur ès Sciences and scientific writer, presently On these subjects, he wrote: “Le Macroscope” (), “Les Chemins de la Vie” (The paths of life) () and “Le Cerveau Planétaire” (The planetary. Editions du Seuil, The complete book on a “The Macroscope” by Joël de Rosnay – Old but very good.

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For action because the systemic approach provides rules for confronting complexity and because it assigns to their hierarchical order the rosay that are the basis for decisions.

The first group relates to their structural aspect, the second to their functional aspect. Dynamic stability results from the combination and readjustment of numerous equilibriums attained and maintained by the system-that of the “internal milieu” of the living organism, for example see p.

A more philosophical definition, suggested by Louis Couffignal inconsiders cybernetics rossnay ” the art of assuring efficiency of action ” see notes. A system actually has detectors and comparators that enable it to detect signals from within or without and to compare the signals to equilibrium values.

The study of this behavior leads in time to the determination of rules that rosnsy modify the system or design other systems. In illustrating a new current of thought, it is often useful to follow a thread. The global vision is not reserved for the few with wide responsibility-the philosophers and the scientists.

This mode can lead to the destruction of the system if the disturbances persist. Theirs is the universe of the homogeneous, the isotope, the additive, and the linear; it is the world of “perfect” gases, of “reversible” reactions, of “perfect” competition. This situation can deteriorate further, for interest on debts increases output a positive feedback loop toward rosnaay.

This might be illustrated by two hands immobilized in handcuffs or by a ball lying in the bottom of a basin Fig. The growth of a complex system-growth in volume, size, number of elements-depends on positive feedback loops and the storage of energy.


Joël de Rosnay – Wikipedia

An open system is in permanent relation with its environment, or, in general terms, with its ecosystem. While often vague and ambiguous, rosnzy conception is nevertheless being used today in an increased number of disciplines because of its ability to unify and integrate.

There is nothing mysterious about the “goal” of the cell. A closed system exchanges neither energy nor matter nor information with its environment; it is totally cut off from the outside world.

This is the case of exponential growth the quantity plotted on the vertical axis doubles by unit of time macroscops of an S curve rapid growth following stabilization Fig.

The Macroscope: A New World Scientific System

There is a qualitative leap; the crossing of a threshold; life, reflective thought, and collective consciousness. Each loop is studied separately, and its influence on the mwcroscope of the different component units of the system is evaluated. Sense of timing allows the rrosnay possible use of the internal energy of a complex system-rather than to have to impose instructions from outside against which the system will react.

Want to Read saving…. He is an associate of the Principia Cybernetica Project. The symbolic representation of a reservoir is a simple rectangle.

The Macroscope: A New World Scientific System, by Joel de Rosnay et al. | The Online Books Page

At each level new properties “emerge” that cannot be explained by the sum of the properties of each of the parts which constitute the whole. Emergence is linked to complexity. During the fifties a tool was developed and perfected that would permit organized complexity to be approached from a totally new angle-the computer. Examples of the applications of simulation are to be found in many fields: The response was affirmative: Pushed too soon, it leads to an homogenizing and paralyzing mixture; pushed too late, it leads to the confrontation of individualism and personality-and perhaps a disassociation still greater than what had formerly existed.

The goal of these modifications is to maintain the internal balances. The control element is represented by the quantity of food available to each individual Fig. Finally, simulation is a new aid to decision making. Published January 1st by HarperCollins Publishers. If it cannot return to its former state of homeostatic equilibrium, the system, through the complementary play of positive and negative feedback loops, searches for new points of equilibrium and new stationary states.


macrscope It is characterized by the emergence of new properties and great resistance to change. It rests on the reality of facts and the perfection of detail. Two groups of characteristic features make it possible to describe in a very general way the systems that can be observed in nature. The results of simulation must not be confused with reality as is often the case but, compared with what one knows of reality, should be used as the basis for the possible modification of the initial model.

Evidently this feeling exists for all those who have had long experience in the management of complex organizations. Know how to maintain constraints. T can be changed to-T without modifying the phenomena under study. One could illustrate the concept of complexity with several maxroscope. A balance of flow is a dynamic equilibrium. Look macrkscope the points of amplification.

In the first case there is exponential growth or decline; in the second there is maintenance of the equilibrium Fig. The wild behavior of positive loops-a veritable death wish-must be controlled by negative loops. In the Malthusian model on page 77 these include the influences of birth rate on population and food rationing on mortality. The owner of the account is “saving. When the inventory is too high, the manager can influence the flow of sales either by lowering prices or by reinforcing marketing.

The dynamics of systems shatters the static vision of organizations and structures; by integrating time it makes manifest relatedness and development.